Squarez, the musical mind bending square colour puzzle game for the iPhone/Touch

A square puzzle challenge with a musical twist. Slide the coloured squarez up and down, drop them into the carousel and rotate to make a column of four same colors.

Choose from eight musical themes including, drum kit, church bells, horn, saxaphone flute and more. Three seperate and unique levels of four, six and eight columns of Mind Bending Musical Squarez action,

Use your brain in this coloured co-ordinated challenge of quick slide squarez. Drop the squarez into the carousel and rotate until they are in the correct column to create 4 in a line.

There are three levels, 4, 6 and 8 columns. Against the clock and on a worldwide leaderboard you can get your brain working in this fun Squarez based challenge.

There are extensive sound options to choose from and you can create great tunes as you play, turn squarez into a drum kit, a saxaphone or some old fashioned church bells.

**Musical Themes**

Electronic Breath
Church Bells
Drum Kit

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