Quickie Cricket brings a crazy cricket ball frenzy of action to the iPhone and iPod Touch - $0.99

Quickie Cricket Support

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How to Play

The aim of ‘Quickie Cricket is to score points by hitting the wicket as many times as possible in a minimum of 60 seconds.

When you press on the hand, it becomes active.

You can slide the hand up/down and left/right, use the pad of your thumb to make a good contact and lift your thumb when you are ready to flick. If you push forward, you run the risk of no-balling and losing points.

The ball’s speed depends on the speed indicator located at the top of the screen. If the ball is released too slow or too quickly some points will be deducted.

Watch out for the batsman, if you hit him with the ball you will lose points. 

If the ball hits the wicket, you will receive 100 points! Your total points are visible in the top right of the screen.

If you flick beyond the bowlers crease, you will lose points!

You have a time limit of 60 seconds. If you score a hat-trick of 3 wickets in three consecutive balls, you will get an extra ten seconds.

Quickie Cricket uses Scoreloop for your high scores. Challenge friends to beat your score. Scoreloop will store your three best scores overall and you highest score in the past 24 hours.

Click on ‘submit score’ to send your high score or hit ‘global scores’ to see all the scores from all players worldwide. You must have an internet connection to submit your score. Scores are saved locally and can be submitted later.


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