Quickie Cricket brings a crazy cricket ball frenzy of action to the iPhone and iPod Touch - $0.99


Quickie cricket is integrated with scoreloop, enabling you to directly challenge your friends on a location aware global high score list.

The first time you use score loop, you will be asked to set up a user name, this name is then applied to every score you submit to the Quickie Cricket global high score list.

When you have a good score that is stored locally, hit the submit score button and this will be sent to scoreloop and inserted the high score list that matches your chosen opponent.

Scoreloop will store your highest score overall and your best score in the past 24 hrs.

You can check out the current high score at any time by hitting the global high scores button on your high scores page.

Once you have opened scoreloop, click on 'game modes' to see the scores for all opponent batsmen. You can connect scoreloop with your facebook account and challenge your friends and contacts.



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