Quickie Cricket brings a crazy cricket ball frenzy of action to the iPhone and iPod Touch - $0.99

Frequently Asked Questions

My ball doesn't release

Your contact with the screen is variable or light, try using the whole pad of your thumb.

I get lots of No Balls

If you're getting no-balls, it's because you are releasing the ball whilst over the line. Pull your hand back and lift your thumb off the screen, don't push forward.

Cannot submit my score

Scoreloop stores your highest score overall and your best score in the last 24 hours, if you have already submitted your highest score it will not be accepted again. You must have an internet connection to submit your score to the blobal high score list. Your best score can be kept on the local high score list and submitted later.

How do I see scores for other opponents

Click on global high scores in the high score menu and select game modes to see all oppenents scores.

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