Quickie Cricket brings a crazy cricket ball frenzy of action to the iPhone and iPod Touch - $0.99

Quickie Cricket

A Brand new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, in QuickieCricket you can pit your wits against our cheeky batsman from one of nine cricket playing nations.

"you don't need to like cricket to love this game."

The batsman is bobbing and weaving all over the crease and you'll exchange points by hitting him in the face, getting him on the body or gain points for taking his wicket. You have 60 seconds to score as many points as you can. Be careful, if you get him on the bat you'll lose some points and waste some valuable time.

"Frustratingly addictive!"

As well as a 60 second timer and a crazy batsman, you'll also need to judge the speed of delivery, get it too fast, and you'll over shoot everything, get it too slow and you'll not get any points. 

"The sort of fun game the iPhone was made for..."

Use your thumb to position your hand and release when you are ready to throw, make sure you dont go over the line, or its a no-ball foul and you'll lose more points. Get three wickets in a row and you'll get some extra time.

"... arghhh!"

Quickie Cricket for the iPhone or iPod Touch supports ScoreLoop for global high scores, buddy lists and player challenges.

"Finger flickingly fun!"

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